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About us

eVulve is the first online sex shop for pleasure seekers created by a queer pal.

eVulve offers a safe space for educating, inspiring and supporting pals in their journey towards understanding their bodies and desires. Exploring your sexuality and educating yourself will deeply empower you in all aspects of life including being more confident, more accepting and more self-loving.

In order to see sexual progress we all need safety, comfort, support, encouragement and education. eVulve is here as an open platform offering a true representation of our bodies and sexuality. 

We focus on real stories by real people, inclusive of all body types, shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful and deserve to be loved.

The founder - V Teo
Why eVulve? 

"Because sex is one of the most important aspects of human connection. eVulve wants to explore the positive and empowering aspects of our sexuality through education and conversation. 

Because I grew up with very little sex education, one or two classes at school when the teacher kicked the boys out of the classroom to play football outside while she talked to the girls about periods and how “to be careful not to get pregnant”. I grew up in East Europe. Sex was something to be hidden, something “naughty”, something dirty, something you can only do in a certain way and after a certain age etc. I know sex education is better nowadays especially in the West but more exposure and understanding of the topic can only bring positive change.

We need a broader sex representation and inclusion, we need to be exposed to all types of sex and sexualities, learn to be inclusive and educate ourselves. As a gender fluid pal, I found it difficult to feel comfortable visiting mainstream sex shops since I couldn't identify with the strong gender toy separation - toys for women and toys for men. What about toys for non-binary, queer and trans pals? Sex toys have no gender for me and through eVulve I want to create a safe and positive shopping experience.

Because it’s FUN!"

Ethos and Future Aspirations

eVulve is more than a sex shop. 

eVulve is about revolutionising the way you see and have sex. It is a project about evolution and revolution within each and everyone of us on how we perceive our reality and how we can find pleasure within. eVulve is about evolving towards a world in which we have a good sex education, no sexual shame and are able to enjoy ourselves sexually regardless of gender, sex, sexuality and ability. 

eVulve’s purpose revolves around these 13 short statements:

  1. Your sexuality is valid and you deserve love.
  2. Challenge the way you have and see sex.
  3. Remember you are a never ending source of pleasure.
  4. Fight for orgasm equality.
  5. Speak up about sexual assault.
  6. Sex is a connection.
  7. The way you see yourself today will change.
  8. It’s ok for your sexual desire to look different every day.
  9. Rethink your sexpectations.
  10. Work on yourself and your pleasure. 
  11. Be playful. 
  12. See a sex therapist at least once in your lifetime.
  13. Cum your own way and never stop eVulving.

An inspiring community

We want to hear your story and sexual journey. The only way we learn is by sharing our stories and relating with others. If you feel like our ethos resonate with yours, let's talk and make things happen. We host monthly Instagram Live Talks and we journal in our new Blog dedicated to advice and stories. So if you feel like you would like to contribute in anyway, just say hi!